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About Us

We decided to create a website dedicated to the alternative lifestyle of our customer and fan base, giving us an opportunity to express our love for the dark and mysterious attire.  Our dedicated handpicked clothes are infused with Goth, Industrial, Punk, Rave, Club, Erotic wear, as well as Footwear and lifestyle Accessories.

We grew up on opposites sides of the United States-listening to and wearing Street Goth and Industrial styled outfits.  What inspired us was the music in the 90’s, and currently, EDM, Industrial, Aggrotech, Goth, New/Dark Wave, Punk and Synth Pop.  Of course, regularly attending clubs such as Club Sinister, Batcave, Sanctum Sanctorum, Perversion, Medusa Lounge, and Disko Nekro in the Los Angeles, California area had an impact on us, as well as a couple of other great venues in the UK. 

We have been avid fans of fashion and music and decided there is no better way to share what we love than through Obsidian.  We are a growing company, and thank you for allowing us to share our dedicated pieces with you.

Obsidian: Darker than Black

Business Contact

23811 Washington Ave
Ste C110446
Murrieta, CA 92562


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