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Gothic Adult

The days are becoming longer and the weather is becoming warm, but Lady Simeon does not care when she is obsessed with her Victorian fashion. Passionate about her stunning lace sheer skirts and corset tanks, she seeks items suitable for summer wear.  Although it can be challenging, it doesn’t overwhelm her, in fact it makes her even more creative.

For all of you in Gothland and Industrial Cyberspace, there is no such thing as being too old! There is no cut-off age to Goth subculture.  Not even a sign outside a club that says it. None!  A person can decide whether they want to be Goth whenever they want, and it doesn’t’ have to be determined from a previous birthday.

Here are some things to consider when you are in your twenties, wearing thick black eyeliner and a vampire cape during broad daylight might be a little complex or out of place. The joy of growing older is that one becomes more comfortable with oneself. This means not needing to prove how Gothic you are by how many stereotypes one lives up to. So what if you don’t wear black 24/7? So what if you decide that getting enough sleep is more important than staying out all night, so that you can go to work or a family function?

With age comes good judgment and fashion. With time also comes the probability that a person will be more established in their life. One may be able to manage their time, energy, and money into their wardrobe and hobbies more so than when they were less established. Sure, the general public that knows nothing of the culture may associate Goth with depressed teenagers or devil worshippers, but in reality most Goths are intellectuals and have decent jobs and in turn may have more funds to blow on really extravagant Goth toys or clothes. Who wouldn’t? I know I do!

Also, older Goths (Or ElderGoths, if you prefer) know the difference between something unruffled and something that is strictly a marketing gimmick aimed at weird people in black. I'd say most intellectuals living among us are Goth.

What's the best thing about being an older Goth? The fact that no one tries to tell you what to wear or how to behave anymore. *wink-wink*

Corporate Goth Examples

Early in my career, I was sitting in a meeting and someone said to me, “You look like a vampire!”  There was a dead silence and all eyes were on me.  I wasn’t dressed up that day to look like one, but I was amused by it.  I adore dressing up and have adopted a Gothic look. It has become my very own art and form of expression. I wear it as a day-to-day style with a mixture of vampire, romantic Goth, and business attire.

You see, my boyfriend and I both work in a corporate environment and despite our style, we are both greatly respected and are both very successful.  We are cautious in some ways at work, but when the weekend comes, we go all out.

You are probably wondering how you yourself can pull off Gothic clothing while at a formal place of business. Well, there are several ways to express the lifestyle and your love for Goth. I like to go for dark colors, lace blouses, satin, and velvet materials.  I enjoy accessorizing classic hair styles and makeup is a fabulous way to bring it all together.

Little by little I started wearing black nail polish and waited patiently to see how things went.  There was no negativity; therefore, I took it to the next level wearing a thin choker or gothic bracelet.  Then I waited again to see how people reacted.  They were accepting of it.

In my every day attire I usually wear black pencil skirts, black hosiery, black trousers, lace blouses and black jackets, and it works.  I definitely would avoid anything branded from the mall that would make you stand out.  Especially, any type of reference to death, this may be offensive and unsuitable for the workplace. You want to make it your own but cautiously.

Wearing old accessories can help polish off a perfect look.  You might want to surf the internet for that special item, hit a swap meet, or browse your local vintage shop. You will find some unique items and catch some great deals.  Some ideas to consider consist of watches, antique brooches or pins, old necklaces, lace bangles, and silver or pewter bracelets and pendants.

Remember, putting on elegant clothing that has an old look, is taking it to the next level.  Wearing elegant tops with ruffles or neck-tie blouses with a long flowing skirt will perfectly compliment your Gothic style.  Be as creative and unusual as you wish, but take it slow.

My advice to you is to remember that when you wear black, it’s elegant and people might start getting the idea that you are into Goth.  Slowly introduce yourself to unfamiliar co-workers and clients or when starting your new career. 

-Play it safe in Gothland and stay true to yourself while rocking your unique style!

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